Photo album with a new beautiful girl that is “SOFT Supanida” 22 years old is studying in the 4th year of management. Faculty of Business Administration Rangsit University This will not be long ago. I have been told that the end of the year graduates who want to take photos with me. And in this set, the soft as well as pretty cool as well as set this is a soft SOFT also tell me that it is very contrary to Luke. But we guarantee that it is beautiful.

“Really, this album is an album that feels really good, so it’s a contrast to Luke in real life.” 555555 Anyway, let’s leave it. People follow up with this album and then the next album. Go to the future with ”

Facebook : Supanida Chotirat

Instagram : softspnd

Photographer : หมวดคุง ภาพยนตร์รังสิต

Page : Muad Photo