BNK48 (BKK Fourth Edition), a bright version of the second update with the love of 27 young people to become a new generation of idols.

June’ BNK48

Jee Pai Pichaya Komal Chun, 17, an idol girl in Ota who falls in love

Myyu BNK48

My boyfriend is 18 years old, a beautiful smiling girl who knows that Oishi alone does not exist.

Mewnich BNK48

Munich Nantapat Lertsarn Chedsakul, age 16 years, idol face at OtaTest, at first sight.

Niky BNK48

Nicky Warin Ratlertalee 13 years younger brother that I would like to say. She looked at her.

Panda BNK48

Panda Jidapa, a 20-year-old short-haired maestro, to make the girls forget the girl for a while.

Aom BNK48

Sampan Vire is 22 years old, the big brother of Season 2, who will make you look so blessed to blink.

Kheng BNK48

I’m going to write a love story, paper folded into a plane sent to her 365 days.

Bamboo BNK48

Bamrungit Tonsiri, 15, a charming girl with a unique charm.

New BNK48

New Chayapak Soft is a 15-year-old girl who can not be small.

Ratah BNK48

Rita Chatchanakij is 16 years old with a beautiful natural beauty.

Cake BNK48

Cake Nawaporn Chan, 21, a young girl with a smile.

Fond BNK48

Fountain Nuticha Chantaravara Secretary 15-year-old sweet smile with a cute weapon.

Fifa BNK48

FIFA Pee Tida Sakulpipat, 16, a cute little girl who comes to the heart to hit the lighter to all.

Phukkhom BNK48

Spicy Siri Eat Shawn Suwarn, 20 years old, with a beautiful hair and a look of charm.

Minmin BNK48

Minami Rashidpun Khunan, 21, a beautiful idol girl in Ota country.

Wee BNK48

Vesiraya Jang, age 16, with natural radiance. I will not be afraid to be shaken.

Khamin BNK48

Turtles know wisdom.19-year-old girl smiles at Kanye

View BNK48

View Kamonthida Rojasawanith Age 14 years old, one of the cool little brother of the Ota.

Natherine BNK48

Nataline Dusita Kittykulchai age 18 years, another idol girl boxing to watch.

Maira BNK48

Maharaja Maitake Kuya, 21, a Japanese girl who comes to Kavali

Deenee BNK48

Good here, Nipa Tangsakul, age 16, very young idol, the ability to carry more than a hundred.

Faii BNK48

Cotton, Sumitra Duangkaew 21 years old, idol girl who used to love Ota.

Stang BNK48

Stark Tricha Preecha Jagakij Age 14 years old idol to make young people feel like 14 again.

Gygee BNK48

Gigi Nuttakul, Thongchai Kulikul, 16, a young girl who shakes her heart to swell with.

Oom BNK48

Ong Bak, Krisada Sima, 15, a young girl who loves to look at each other and wants to send a cookie to try to predict the time.

Pakwan BNK48

Kwan Mai Kwan Mai is 18 years old, no matter where the angle is cute.

Nine BNK48

If you talk about merit, go to the temple. But if it comes to cute, come along with this idol.

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